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On the Other Side of the Fence

In two worlds that appear to be vastly different, a friendship occurs between Ham and Bacon, pigs who live on two sides of the fence between two barnyards. A long-standing feud between Franklin and Fred, farmers who live on neighboring/opposing farms, has prevented the animals on both sides from communicating with one another. Despite this obstacle, Ham and Bacon and all of the animals express how they feel about the situation and look for peaceful solutions.
Book, music, & lyrics by Andrea Green

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"On The Other Side Of The Fence" Themes

  • Understanding differences
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tolerance
  • Understanding others
  • Community
  • Ages 6-60

"On The Other Side Of The Fence" Songs

  • On The Other Side Of The Fence
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • I Dig That Pig
  • Spread The Word
  • Dog-gone Mad
  • Pullin' The Wool
  • Grin And Bear It
  • Good Friends
  • Tattle-Tail
  • We've Got To Work Together
  • Hooray, Take The Fence Away
  • Tattle-Tail (reprise)
  • Celebration Hoe-Down

Featured Songs from "On The Other Side Of The Fence"

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"On The Other Side Of The Fence" Performances

  • Mifflin School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Theater with a Twist (Acton, MA)
  • Randolph Central School (Randolph, MA)
  • Wolf Performing Arts Center (Wynnewood, PA)
  • Danville Light Opera Company (Danville, IL)
  • Yankton Children’s Theater (Yankton, SD)
  • Main Stage Performing Arts Center (NJ)
  • Germantown Friends School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Kincaid Regional Theater (Falmouth, KY)
  • Croft Farm Summer Theater (Cherry Hill, NJ)
  • Settlement Music School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • PA Council for the Arts - in the schools
  • Arts in Special Ed - in the schools
  • Frohman Academy of the Arts (Carmel, CA)
  • Manchester Community Theater (Manchester, NH)
  • Appel Farm - Major Music Conference Presentation (Elmer, NJ)

"On The Other Side Of The Fence" Videos!

Good Friends performed by Danville Light Opera Company

Good Friends performed by Danville Light Opera Company

Hooray, Take The Fence Away! performed by Danville Light Opera Company

I Dig That Pig performed by Danville Light Opera Company

Performances: "On The Other Side Of The Fence"

  Watch this photo video montage of a performance by the Danville Light Opera Co. Children's Summer Theater.
  Click the image on the left or here to view "On The Other Side Of The Fence" put on by the Wolf Performing Arts Center Children (Wolf PAC) and the William B. Mann School: watch the children act, sing, and dance in this touching and energetic musical about tolerance, acceptance and equality. This extraordinary collaboration culminated in an unforgettable performance at the Mann School in 2011.

Press: "On The Other Side Of The Fence"

"'On the Other Side of the Fence" Takes Down Fences'" by Lori Samlin Miller, Breaking Character, An Online Resource for Theater Makers

On the Other Side of the Fence, composer and playwright Andrea Green’s signature musical for children, was recently performed to glowing reviews at the Danville Light Opera Company (DLO) in Danville, Illinois. Comprised of limited narration and many metaphorical songs, performers and audiences...read more